Episode #52: Calling You to Action on Interoperability

Episode #52: Calling You to Action on Interoperability

It is easy to voice your support.  But for what are you willing to take action?  The pen may be mightier than the sword, but only in its ability to turn script into steps, pages into protests.  What are you willing to stand up for? What do you demand must change? 

Welcome to STEPS to Value, HIMSS’ people, process and technology podcast.  In this episode, we explore HIMSS’ Interoperability Call to Action.  The Call to Action demands that we achieve secure, appropriate, and ubiquitous data access and electronic exchange of health information.  It requires that we provide guiding principles to inform health policy and spur our nation’s health sector to action.  We learn about the change the Call to Action is propelling from Evelyn Gallego, Chair of the HIMSS Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Committee.  Evelyn has spent her career focused on driving healthcare interoperability and the standards that lay the foundation for achieving it.  

In an interview from HIMSS18 with producer Adam Bazer, Evelyn details the goals of HIMSS Interoperability Call to Action, how individuals and organizations can take actions to support the goal of healthcare data access and exchange.  She gives us an insider’s view on the process of making healthcare standards, and shares her thoughts on the delicate art of mission-driven consensus. 


This Episode’s Guest:

Evelyn Gallego, MBA, MPH, CPHIMS
Founder & CEO 
EMI Advisors LLC

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