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Episode #52: Meet the Winners: Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit

April 17, 2019 | Innovation that Sticks Podcast, Episode #8 | Duration: 21:49
Episode #52: Meet the Winners: Cleveland Clinic’s 2018 Medical Innovation Summit

How much do you know about pharmacogenomics? With the access to data becoming more and more prevalent innovations around precision medicine are changing the healthcare industry.

Today we are happy to welcome Kristine Ashcraft, CEO and Founder of YouScript. YouScript provides Faster, More Proactive Personalized Medication Management. They synthesize evidence impacting drug response to support the right decision at the point of care. They are the only peer-reviewed system incorporating pharmacogenomics that shows improved outcomes, reduced costs and high patient and provider satisfaction, and a winner of Cleveland Clinic’s 2018 Medical Innovation Summit. The event was powered by Cleveland Clinic, HIMSS, HealthXL, Jumpstart, and Plug and Play, with more than 40 startups pitching their health tech concepts.

In this episode we sit down with Kristine, where she discusses her experience participating in the Cleveland Clinic’s 2018 Medical Innovation Summit, how health systems can prepare to partner with startup companies, her views of the healthcare industry from a women health IT leader, and the importance of why data sharing is so important for the future of the industry.

This Episode’s Guest:

Kristine Ashcraft, CEO and Founder, YouScript
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