Episode #53: Data as a Lever to Transformation

Episode #53: Data as a Lever to Transformation

Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” As the healthcare industry moves to value, the industry is in search for impactful interventions to bend the cost curve and make meaningful change in patient lives.  Data, its analysis and its application are key levers for industry stakeholders to thrive during this transformation.

Welcome to STEPS to Value, HIMSS’ people, process and technology podcast.  In this episode, we explore how change happens when people have better access to data to make day-to-day improvements as well as deep, high-effort improvements that creates a lot of value but takes a very coordinated, multi-disciplinary, multi-department approach for healthcare organizations to achieve.  

In an interview from HIMSS18, HIMSS North America Clinical & Business Intelligence Committee Member Jeff Fuller finds out how leading healthcare organizations use data as levers of transformation with Tom Burton, Co-founder and President of Professional Services at Health Catalyst and  Jon Russell, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of IT and Analytics at John Muir Health.  All that and more, coming up.  


This Episode’s Guests:

Tom Burton
Co-Founder & President of Professional Services
Health Catalyst

Connect with Tom

Jon Russell
Senior Vice President and CIO, IT & Analytics
John Muir Health

Connect with Jon

Jeff Fuller, MS, FACHE (Guest Interviewer)
Executive Director, Analytical Solutions
UNC Health Care

Connect with Jeff


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