Episode #55: The Evolution of Outcomes Measurement for Value-Based Healthcare

Kentucky’s poet, Naomi Judd, taught us that “There are many paths, but only one journey.” Over a dozen years ago, Dr. Michael Porter offered some of the earliest views toward creating a new system of value-based care that focused on the patient.  He implored us to build a healthcare system organized around the patient’s condition, not the specialty of the provider.  He beseeched us to use measures that focused on outcome improvements and costs of care.  He appealed to us to provide payment models based upon achieving good, not bad, outcomes. In the years since Dr. Porter’s pleas, where are we on the journey towards value-based care?  What paths lie ahead?  And what is the role of data in this transformation?


Welcome to STEPS to Value, HIMSS’ people, processes & technology podcast.  In this episode thought leaders from the HIMSS community help us navigate the journey ahead of us. HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Committee member Raj Lakhanpal will act as guest host for this episode.  Raj is founder and CEO of SpectraMedix, a healthcare data analytics firm. During this episode, Raj interviews Greg Allen Director, Program Development and Management at New York State Department of Health &  Dr. Thomas Feeley, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School and Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  

This Episode’s Guest:

Gregory Allen, MSW

Director Program Development & Management

New York State Department of Health

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Dr. Thomas Feeley

Senior Fellow

Harvard Business School

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This Episode’s Moderator:

Raj Lakhanpal, MD



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