Episode #55:How Innovation Is Redefining the Business of Government

November 07, 2019

Welcome to the HIMSS Innovation That Sticks Podcast, where we bring you conversations with innovators who provide insight to unique and transformative solutions and ideas in healthcare through their expertise and experiences.

In today’s episode, host Ian Hoffberg discusses what innovation means for the federal government with Michael Corbin, director of strategic communications at New Wave. Michael explains how, in the past, the federal government focused on modernization as opposed to innovating. Technological advancements, such as the cloud, and interoperability, are eliminating the hierarchies and silos that exist within the government.  He explains that New Wave is working collaboratively with vendors, in an open-source mindset, to help find the best solutions. 

All that and more, coming up on Innovation That Sticks!

This Episode’s Guest:

Michael Corbin 

Director, Strategic Communications
New Wave 

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