Episode #58: Leading Through Times of Change

Leading through times of change

We hear it all the time: Leadership in the age of rapidly evolving technology requires quick thinking and adaptability, but without an endpoint in mind, we can get stuck fixing the endless supply of daily issues that inevitably pop up. So we have to learn to think big picture and learn how to share that vision with those we lead. It’s a long journey, but each step takes us closer.

Welcome to STEPS to Value. This episode touches on a number of topics but centers around leadership’s role in change management and how important that is in accomplishing your goals. A real leader understands that everyone has something to gain in an effective, organization-wide change management process. As our guest on this podcast notes, it’s all about creating a “vivid picture of the end state.” Our guest on this episode is Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono, Director, Defense Health Agency, and we sat down to discuss change, ownership, interoperability, and ensuring that patients are treated as people. 

This Episode’s Guest

VADM Raquel C. Bono, MD, Director, Defense Health Agency, Military Health System

Originally published July 6, 2018

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