Episode #61: The Value of Optimizing the Patient Financial Experience

August 6, 2018 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #74 | Duration: 24:55
Episode #61: The Value of Optimizing the Patient Financial Experience

Nevada Senate Republican Candidate Sue Lowden got skewered back in 2010 when she said “in the olden days, our grandparents…would bring a chicken to the doctor. They would say I'll paint your house.  In the old days, that's what people would do to get health care with their doctors.” It is easy to snicker at the image... walking into the doctor’s office holding a couple of chickens. What Sue Lowden got right, even if we couldn’t hear above our laughter, was that before health insurance, consumers had a much more direct experience paying for their healthcare.  They paid cash for care when they had it, battered for that care when they didn’t.  Took charity care when they had neither.  They understood that the doctor too had hungry mouths to feed and that a couple of chickens can make a lot of meals for a week.  Examples abound of the collective willful blindness healthcare consumers tolerate when it comes to paying for their healthcare today.  Just hand over the insurance card.   The national care card.  Just sign that co-pay check.  Like children at Chuckie Cheese, handing over paper tickets for plastic trinkets.  Did you read the last health insurance bill you received in the mail?  Or did you do what I do? A glance at it and put it in the pile to be filed away, in a box, to be forgotten about until the next one arrives.  Why do we tolerate the fact that we have more transparency around the delivery pizza we purchase than the healthcare services we consume, currently at the rate of 17 percent of our national gross domestic product.  Is it time for Dominos to take over America’s healthcare system?  

Welcome to STEPS to Value, a podcast that explores the intersection of people, processes & technology in healthcare as the industry moves towards a value-focused model.  In today’s episode, we will talk with Jonathan Wiik, Principal, Healthcare Strategy at TransUnion.   We talk with Jonathan about the transformation of healthcare customer expectations and what the healthcare industry finally needs to do to meet them.  


This Episode’s Guest:

Jonathan Wiik, MSHA, MBA

Principal, Healthcare Strategy

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