Episode #62: The Value of Transforming Data into Impact

Episode #62: The Value of Transforming Data into Impact

Each day, the amount of data in the world increases by 2.5 quintillion bytes.  Ninety percent of all the data created the world over has been produced in the last two years.  That there is more data is not in doubt.  If we will be able to harness that data to affect our everyday lives is up to the women and men that craft insights into impact, informed perspectives into effective policy.

Welcome to STEPS to Value, the HIMSS podcast that looks at people and processes, information and technology as they work together to transform the delivery of healthcare.  In today’s episode, we explore how to craft data into collective action with Jessica Kahn, Senior Expert in Public Sector Healthcare IT and Data at McKinsey & Company and recent recipient of HIMSS’ Most Influential Women in HIT award.  In her time as the Director for Medicaid’s Data and Systems Group, Jessica oversaw $5 billion in annual federal spending for state Medicaid IT and data projects. Through her leadership of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, over 202,000 providers received more than $12 billion in incentive payments to adopt, implement, upgrade and meaningfully use federally-certified EHR systems.  We talk to Jessica about what her leadership experiences have taught her about consensus-driven outcomes, data’s powerful impact on how patients and providers experience their healthcare, and how answering an ad in a college newspaper truly changed her life.


This Episode’s Guest:

Jessica Kahn, MPH

Senior Expert, Public Sector Healthcare IT and Data

McKinsey & Company

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Most Influential Women in HIT Award

The HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health Information and Technology Awards recognize influential women at all stages of their career progressions. These awards celebrate individuals who harness the power of information and technology to transform health and healthcare; are unique among power lists and award programs; and are inclusive of all women of influence, no matter where they may be in the health information and technology field.  Learn more about HIMSS' Most Influential Women in HIT Award here.