Episode #63: Healthcare Consumerism's Impact on the Clinical Experience

August 30, 2018 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #76 | Duration: 22:19
Episode #63: Healthcare Consumerism's Impact on the Clinical Experience

In 2015, UCSF School of Nursing Professor Audrey Lyndon described what a burned-out clinician looks like. “Imagine an emotionally exhausted clinician,” she writes, “overwhelmed by work to the point of feeling fatigued.  Unable to face the demands of the job, and unable to engage with others. Fatigue, exhaustion, and detachment coalesce.  The clinician no longer feels effective at work because they have lost a sense of their ability to contribute meaningfully. “ 

Welcome to STEPS to Value, the HIMSS podcast that looks at people and processes, information and technology as they work together to transform the delivery of healthcare.  In today’s episode, we discuss the growing problem of clinician burnout with Ann O’Brien, clinical informatics pioneer and recent recipient of HIMSS’ Most Influential Women in Health IT award.  Ann discusses the impact healthcare consumerism has on clinician burnout, the promise and the present of Big Data in healthcare, and what it was like to first encounter and interact with an EHR system back when Vanilla Ice, Michael Bolton, and Paula Abdul ruled the airways.    


This Episode’s Guest:


Nursing Informatics and Clinical Transformation Leader

Recipient of 2018 HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health IT Award

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Most Influential Women in HIT Award

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