Episode #66: Nursing Informatics Culture Works Towards Achieving the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare

October 1, 2018 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #79 | Duration: 21:57
Episode #66: Nursing Informatics Culture Works Towards Achieving the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare

Florence Nightingale once said, “Rather, ten time, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore”.  Nightingale’s centuries-old words aptly describe how today nurses herald is and help drive the practice of nursing informatics to impact the quadruple aim, to improve the health of populations, enhance the experience of care for individuals, reduce the per capita cost of health care, and to attain joy in the work of the delivery of care.  As healthcare organizations navigate the waters of the digital health transformation, the importance and impact of a robust nursing informatics culture becomes all the more apparent.    

Welcome to STEPS to Value, the HIMSS podcast that looks at people and processes, information and technology as they work together to transform the delivery of healthcare.  In today’s episode, produced in collaborating with HIMSS’ Nursing Informatics Committee, we discuss best practices for establishing an engaged nursing informatics culture with Sandra Eppers, Senior Nurse Informaticist at Froedtert Health, Lisa Lyon, Senior Clinical Applications Coordinator with Cherokee Nation Health and Kathy Owen, Workforce Solutions Consultant with Kronos for Healthcare.  Sandra, Lisa and Kathy, current and veteran members of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics committee, describe practice and policies that work best to establish and maintain an engaged nursing informatics culture, how nurses new to the field can become engaged with nursing informatics, and how the role of Nurse Informaticist has changed over the last 5 years  

All that and more, coming up.   

This Episode’s Guests:

Sandra Eppers

Senior Nurse Informaticist
Froedtert Health

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Lisa Lyon

Senior Clinical Applications Coordinator
Cherokee Nation Health


Kathy Owen 

Workforce Solutions Consultant
Kronos for Healthcare

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