Episode #69: IT is Part of the Care Team at this Davies Award-Winning Health System

May 23, 2019 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #83 | Duration: 28:42
Episode #69: IT is Part of the Care Team at this Davies Award-Winning Health System

Welcome to STEPS to Value. I’m Rod Piechowski. In this episode, I had the opportunity to sit with Lori Baker and Donna Peters of TriHealth, another recent Davies winning organization. Lori is director of ambulatory care management and post-acute care; Donna is director, applications center in the information systems department. The theme of this episode is: “IT is part of the care team.” I’ll repeat that: at TriHealth, the Information Technology department is considered part of the care team. 

This story is about the move to accountable care, and how this insightful organization aligned skilled nursing, post-acute and home care providers in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area into a network that helped identify, contribute, and apply data. They did so in order to raise the quality bar, with lower infection rates and readmissions. Along the way, TriHealth built a strong bond between its information technology and care teams. They asked questions like, “What constitutes quality?” And together, did something about it.

Hear more about how they did it, and what advice they have for other organizations looking to replicate their achievements, after this.


This Episode’s Guests:

Donna Peters

Director, Information Systems

Application Solution Center


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Lori Baker, MSOL, MSW, LSW

Director, Director of Ambulatory Care Management and Senior Services/Post-Acute Care


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