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Expanding Pharmacists’ Participation in VBAs: A Look at NCPDP Standards & its VBA Roadmap


HIMSS/NCPDP Pharmacy Informatics Town Hall Series: Part 3 of 3

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help optimize the success of value-based arrangements (VBAs). As the providers who interact frequently with patients – and as the medication experts – pharmacists have continued to expand their role as pivotal members of the care team. Their participation in VBAs is essential to optimizing care. Pharmacists are well-positioned to address gaps in care, evaluate patients for interventions and provide comprehensive care plans, consult with and screen patients for various health conditions and status and then share findings with other care providers, collect and report social determinants of health data, and participate in outcomes reporting and incentives.  

NCPDP is committed to supporting pharmacists’ partnership in VBAs as part of its strategic plan. This includes identifying existing standards available to support pharmacists in VBAs, as well as collaborating with NCPDP members and the industry to determine how and where healthcare must evolve for pharmacist to fully participate.   

NCPDP’s President and CEO, Lee Ann Stember, and Board of Trustee Member, Kim Boyd, provided a deep dive on the organization’s support for VBAs. Hear more about pharmacist participation in VBAs as a strategic priority; the outcomes of an assessment of functionality in current standards; use cases for pharmacists’ involvement in VBAs; and key industry insights on how NCPDP can and should support VBAs. 

View this webinar to learn more about what’s available and what’s needed for pharmacists to collaborate with other providers in VBAs to lower the total cost of care and improve health outcomes. 

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe why standards support for pharmacist participation in VBAs is an NCPDP strategic priority. 
  • Name the NCPDP standards that support pharmacists’ participation in VBAs today. can support this effort today. 
  • Describe a use case for the role of a pharmacist in a VBA. 
  • Name two quality measures that support quality improvement in VBAs. 


  • Lee Ann Stember, NCPDP President & CEO 
  • Kim Boyd,  NCPDP Board of Trustees Member

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