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Healthcare Trends Forecast for 2019: The Beginning of a Consumer-Driven Reformation

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The well-known proverb “may you live in interesting times” is considered by many to be a blessing, yet others believe it is actually an ancient curse. People’s interpretation tends to correspond with their own appetite for change, as well as their comfort (or lack of) in the face of ambiguity. Regardless of the adage’s origin and intent, many would agree that these are interesting times for healthcare. In fact, at HIMSS we believe healthcare is currently undergoing a period of reformation on a scope and scale that is unmatched.

A perfect storm of factors – including the shift toward value-based care, rising costs, health system consolidation, the approaching silver tsunami, regulatory pressures, increased consumerization, major technology players entering the market and the ever-expanding potential of digital health tools – are coalescing and fundamentally disrupting business models. Traditional healthcare institutions are in reactive mode. Upstarts are finding that healthcare is not as easily disrupted as industries like retail. For nearly everyone, there are more questions than answers.

2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast: The Beginning of a Consumer-Driven Reformation

At HIMSS, we believe it is our responsibility to help the industry make sense of these changes and tap into the promise and potential of information and technology. With that premise, our white paper, 2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast: The Beginning of a Consumer-Driven Reformation, features commentary and analysis from leaders across HIMSS, each of whom have a birds-eye view of industry trends and the levers of change with focus on four key trends: digital health implications and applications, consumer impact, financial and demographic challenges, and issues of data governance and policy.

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