HIMSS Customer Relationship Management Technology in Healthcare Survey


Healthcare is undergoing massive transformation. The drive toward value-based care is spurring an increasingly interconnected healthcare ecosystem as shared risk, deepened partnerships and the proliferation of non-traditional care teams begin to take shape. With a growing imperative to better serve their patients, providers are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to manage the numerous relationships inherent in healthcare and to better communicate with their patients through multiple modalities (e.g., voice, video, text, apps).

The HIMSS Exploring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology for Healthcare Task Force designed a set of 16 survey questions directed to stakeholders within the healthcare arena. The survey was included in HIMSS e-newsletters including the Information XChange, Clinical Informatics Insights, Physician Newsletter and Be in the Know with HIMSS Nursing Informatics. There was also a HIMSS news item announcing the survey, which was sent to targeted audiences via email. Responses were collected over the two-month period of January and February 2018.

The goal of this survey was to assess:

  1. The current state of use of CRM in healthcare
  2. Attitudes towards CRM technology in healthcare

In total, 72 responses were received for the survey conducted online via the HIMSS Survey URL.