Cybersecurity and Privacy

HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Webinar: COVID 19 – Centura Health IT’s Strategic Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled Centura IT to leverage and scale in ways most never thought possible. Centura IT responded quickly by standing up an IT task force and IT Tiger Team who worked collaboratively with the COVID-19 response enterprise incident command to ensure priorities were aligned allowing IT to execute on over 400 tasks during the first wave of the pandemic—solving many problems in hours and days, in what typically may have taken months or years.

Centura IT had to scale their telehealth capabilities to support a major shift of associates working from home. Their telehealth platform had to scale quickly to accommodate video visits for all of the organization’s numerous primary care and specialty clinics. It went from a couple providers and a couple e-visits to thousands of e-visits in less than a month. Centura IT were asked to find a solution for an inpatient telehealth that supported rounding and preserved personal protective equipment while giving faces to providers and nurses prior to them entering a patient room.

When the second wave hit, Centura IT was able to quickly organize and continue to support the enterprise priorities with ongoing surge planning, COVID-19 testing, occupational health solutions, ongoing telehealth expansion, and COVID-19 vaccine clinics. Additionally, the organization partnered with internal and external stakeholders to manage and address information security and privacy matters. During this one-hour discussion, you’ll learn more from the IT leaders who were involved in the many complex facets of managing through a pandemic.

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