How Informatics Drives Quality Care and Nursing Impact

#NursesWeek: How Informatics Drives Quality Care and Nursing Impact

Nursing informatics combines the sciences of nursing, information and technology. Becoming a nurse informaticist can be achieved by many different avenues, from education to additional certifications. Nursing informatics specialists are the translators that have evolved into health tech innovators who establish businesses, manage medical economics, create technology and amplify the voice of end-user clinicians.

Patient safety is the first standard of care and nurse informaticists crave their own seat at the table to:

  • Ensure patient safety remains at the forefront of care delivery by guiding user experience design
  • Create use cases for product selection and implementation to guarantee the best tools for patient safety are chosen
  • Serve as project managers for creating new tools and deliverables that promote patient safety

The leaders of disruptive innovation start with an open mind and a willingness to adapt to the constant change in the digital health landscape. Many practicing nurses and future nurses have the opportunity to wield technology to be agents of meaningful change.

A New Paradigm Shift

Healthcare and technology were separate entities that have now fused into one language which evolves daily. There is always a new tool to evaluate or noteworthy evidence-based research to dissect and apply to one’s daily practice. Nursing informaticists are constantly curating, researching and presenting a detailed analysis that goes beyond the acronyms that permeate our ether – and shift the culture of how we practice medicine to one that is safer, more efficient and patient-centered.

Expanding Nursing Horizons

Internationally, nurses have taken the deep dive into informatics by creating mobile health tools for nursing management and workflows, running public relations and health tech firms, leading companies that focus on the patient experience in the home environment, creating telehealth programs, focusing on public health initiatives in leadership roles in health ministries and beyond.

These nurses in informatics are consistently acquiring higher-level degrees by completing their board certifications: PMP, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, sitting on committees, boards, teaching as adjunct professors, crafting blog posts, creating a personal brand, hosting web chats, attending global conferences. We, as nurses, do this to keep our community safe and to see innovation continue for the betterment of all nurses before us and after to clear the roadblocks so patients can live healthier lives.

Share Your Nursing Informatics Story

As we celebrate the vital role and accomplishments of nurses during National Nurses Week from May 6-12, I call on all healthcare stakeholders to share how nursing informatics is helping the industry innovate and how this will impact care delivery.

Between now and Nursing Informatics Day (May 12) publicly post a short video on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn explaining how nursing informatics has made, and continues to make, a positive impact on the global healthcare system using the #Nurses4HIT hashtag.



Connect with Nursing Informatics Leaders on Twitter

Whether you’re a seasoned nursing informaticist or a nurse newly looking into informatics, the best way to stay engaged in innovation initiatives and learn more about the field is to connect with leaders in the profession. Here are some nursing luminaries that I recommend connecting with in your Nurses Week celebrations and beyond:

Salute to all the world’s nurses and happy #NursesWeek!

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