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Implementation of Real-time COVID-19 Vaccines Tracking with Integrated Medication Management Technology

Davies Award of Excellence
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Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) provides immunizations to employees and patients throughout the enterprise in the Houston and Austin greater metropolitan areas of Texas. The SARS-COV-2 pandemic initiated rapid mobilization of vaccine research, production and implementation. Vaccine ultra-cold storage and distribution added layers of complexity for tracking and administration. The TCH pharmacy informatics team was tasked with the development of tools to track vaccine procurement, distribution and administration of vaccines.

The project was designed to leverage existing medication management technology to capture data in each step of the medication use process for COVID-19 vaccines. Data from multiple sources were integrated to provide real-time insight into inventory and patient vaccination statuses to drive decision-making by leadership. TCH COVID vaccine applications and workflows provided 98% vaccine utilization, placing TCH in the top 5% of vaccine providers in the United States. Furthermore, TCH had a 92% primary series completion rate, showcasing effective follow up workflows within the vaccine administration process.

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