Industry Update: State of the Healthcare Market Webinar

As we examine the current state of the healthcare market, there are many new players and technologies working to drive innovation and meaningful change. Amidst all of the change, it is important to remember that true digital health transformation puts the patient at the center of care. And to keep the patient at the center, a strong foundation is needed. So which technologies are currently laying the groundwork for innovation and how can those be leveraged to advance care? In this on-demand webinar, we look at the state of the market through the lenses of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Supply chain
  • New market dynamics 


When it comes to healthcare infrastructure, there is plenty of room from improvement. From IT security, to mobile device usage and interoperability, the infrastructure of health systems around the world is heavily scrutinized as new technologies—and breaches of those technologies—enter the market.

For example, IT security (or lack thereof) is all over the news. Data breaches are painful and costly; and healthcare is the most breached industry with 27% of all security breaches in 2018. Blockchain is growing in popularity but many organizations are struggling to figure out the proper use.

Supply Chain

Similar to infrastructure, supply chain is another foundational aspect of healthcare that can be vastly improved. A clinically integrated supply chain ensures there is proper tracking and traceability of products, care processes and provider teams, all linked to individual patient outcomes.

New Market Dynamics

Numerous changing market dynamics are disrupting the current healthcare landscape. Some of the biggest tech players are moving into healthcare with direct plays at the consumer, experimenting with mail-order prescriptions and wearable technologies. This is clearly a fascinating time for the healthcare industry.