Making Big Data Accessible to Your Business: How to Staff & Support Distributed Analytics Teams

The healthcare industry’s quest to use and build data-driven organizations has faced two major challenges:

  1. Finding the right candidates with the skills to do the work, and
  2. Creating effective organizations.

Ineffective organizations lack clear structure and role definition for employees, and are slow to adapt to new tools. To be an effective and dynamic organization, leadership support must incorporate data resources and metrics developed by stakeholders at the unit/division level to drive organization decisions.

Big data presents substantial opportunities to organizations with the goal of being a data-driven business with aligned analytics into their strategic planning and implementation process. One challenge to organizations is a lack of resources (via staffing and skills) to optimize and use Big Data at an institutional level.

This resource helps executive leaders and IT/informatics/clinical leadership and managers at large to medium size providers and research organizations who are exploring big data drive your business to improve ROI and optimize patient care metrics and workflow with the right staffed and supported distributed analytics teams.

Topics Covered

  • Make data key to driving decisions
  • Set objectives and target data for use in ROI
  • Define roles
  • Develop baseline skills necessary for each resource at each level
  • Develop mentoring of roles within the organization
  • Evaluate results within agreed timeframes
  • Share results to further opportunities and success