Population and Public Health

Measuring Digital Health Equity for Impact

 diverse group of hospital administrators sit down to discuss important issues

The HIMSS Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Committee presents a Digital Determinants of Health (DDOH) framework to evaluate the impact of products and services in advancing digital health equity. This DDOH framework responds to the industry's need for an actionable framework to measure a solution’s impact on digital health equity.

Our SDOH Committee researched existing work by the public sector, industry, and academia to propose an actional framework for designing, implementing, and measuring a solution’s impact on digital health equity. The framework covers digital literacy, trust, empowerment, connectivity, and inclusion. Our call to action emphasizes coordinating efforts to gather more DDOH data, implementing existing SDOH and DDOH standards, and modernizing infrastructure to support the digital inclusion of all populations.

By incorporating these measures, we aim to ensure that no community is left behind in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry.