Netta Levran - Member Profile

Netta is a born and raised New Yorker, living and working in Tel Aviv. Netta’s interest in behavioral science began at Wesleyan University, where she worked in a decision-making lab, helping teach analytics to non-science majors. She honed her analytics and management skills at a consulting firm in New York and afterward began her startup career in Tel Aviv, Israel. Netta is currently the Director of Product at RMDY Health, a digital health startup, fully immersed in everything related to health and technology. Netta runs a bi-monthly Women’s Circle in Tel Aviv, organizes various women’s workshop events (including two this past year in Cape Town and Tel Aviv) and held an Open Studio at Mute Gallery in Lisbon last August.


What got you interested in a career in healthcare and in particular, health information and technology?

When I was 10 years old my father was diagnosed with type II diabetes. Watching him prick his fingers to test his blood sugar, inject insulin, watch his diet/exercise, and engage in rituals of taking medications multiple times a day made me nervous that I would have to do the same. My mother, a geneticist, promised me that by the time I was his age there would already be a cure for diabetes. Although diabetes hasn’t been cured yet, the treatment of diabetes is continuously changing.

I believe technology is bringing us closer to a world in which our engagement with our health looks completely different. What we know about our health, how we manage our health, where treatment happens, and how we pay for our healthcare, are going to be completely revolutionized by technology during our lifetime.

For me, this intersection between the ever-growing research on human behavior, the constant technological advancements, ethics, and the healthcare system is fascinating. I hope to continue to be part of this change in some form throughout my career, particularly as it continues to bring us insights that enable us to improve the lives and health of humans everywhere.

What stepping-stones have led to where you are and what advice do you have for others looking to follow a similar path?

I’ve had quite a few unexpected twists and turns from the start of my career. My advice would be to constantly assess what skills you are looking to learn and see how you can work with others to acquire them. If you are curious about something, want to learn something new or have a dream (there’s nothing too small!), think how you can accomplish it (both within and outside of work) and make it happen.

HIMSS encourages embracing and announcing achievements with confidence, what is an accomplishment you want to share with others?

Earlier this year I had a desire to create two free women’s events filled with women-led workshops that would foster a commitment to sharing, feminism and empowerment. With the help of friends who jumped on board, we were able to organize two fabulous events, one weekend getaway in Cape Town of 15 women, and one evening for 50 women in Tel Aviv (with over 16 guest facilitators in total)! It was an exciting process to take this idea I’d been mulling over, discover and hash out all the details, and finally get to participate in these two thought-provoking events.

Who was your first mentor, and what is the best advice they gave to you?

My college advisor, Professor Lisa Dierker, then the chair of the psychology department at Wesleyan University, gave me a ton of valuable advice in the beginning of my career. One of the most memorable is to make sure to “give people the opportunity to do the right thing.”

What do you do in your free time? Or, how do you relax?

My two favorite relaxing activities are taking a run by the beach (a big Tel Aviv perk) or cozying up on the couch with a new book/podcast.

What is your favorite app?

Clue! One of the first women’s health apps that’s fun to use. I love their content and learning more about myself while promoting research on women’s health.

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