Nurses Role in Health Equity: Crucial Collaboration Leveraging SDOH Tools

With a heightened awareness of health inequities, there has been an increase the in the identification of social determinants of health (SDOH) data for inclusion in care processes.  However, there is little guidance on how to implement the use of these data within clinical workflows. In this webinar, we will present SDOH implementation use cases using dyads consisting of vendors of SDOH tools and healthcare providers that have implemented the tools.  We will also discuss the SDOH needs from a community health practice, including the sharing of SDOH data across practice settings. The overall purpose is to share best practices and discuss lessons learned to support nurses involved in SDOH activities and organizations looking to implement.

Learning Objectives

  • Define social determinants of health data and the context for their use.
  • Review successful implementations of SDOH tools including the role of nursing collaboration
  • Establish factors to consider when implementing SDOH tools, especially within nursing workflows.
  • Describe the Nurse Informaticist's role in identifying SDOH requirements in People, Process, and Technology.

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