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Open Door Family Medical Centers | HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award

Open Door Family Medical Centers was named a 2018 HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award recipient for leveraging the value of health information and technology to improve outcomes. The two award-winning use cases submitted cover improving colorectal cancer screening and asthma care.

Case Studies

1. Improving Asthma Care

Open Door Family Medical Centers recognized asthma as a prevalent chronic condition in the school-based health centers with an opportunity to improve disease management and control. In order to address this, the organization set goals to improve classification, treatment, clinician education and the increased use of asthma action plans. As a result, Open Door Family Medical Centers was able to improve classification, treatment and percentage of patients with asthma action plans, which led to reduced missed school days. Additionally, patients and caregivers were given tools to better manage asthma, while reducing manual tasks and overtime pay for staff.

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2. Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening

Open Door Family Medical Centers recognized the need for adherence to colorectal cancer screening and set goals to improve workflows. With the help of a care team consisting of frontline clinicians, nursing, and medical assistant staff, along with information systems and administration team members, they were able to meet their goal, which led to increase patient and quality incentive revenues.

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