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Our Top 10 Most Read Resources from the Past Year

Viewing most read resources from past year

As we start 2021, we wanted to revisit our top 10 most read resources from the past year, both to reflect back on the challenges of the past year and to use the lessons learned as a guide for the new year.

Many thanks to our members, contributors and subject matter experts for sharing their insights as we work toward reforming the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

Here's to a transformative 2021.



Providing Telehealth Visits to Underserved Communities Case Study

A Davies-award winning Federally Qualified Health Center shared their experience of how a change in the reimbursement model enabled them to go from almost no telehealth visits to more than 800 visits daily in the space of 30 days during the pandemic. Read #10


Nursing Informatics Workforce Salary and Benefits Report

The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce Salary and Benefits Report offers insight into salary and benefit information for the field. The findings suggest that nurse informaticists’ value is being recognized by their employers. Read #9


Health Informatics Guide

This guide into health informatics aims to acquaint those learning about the field with a direct conduit on where to locate and how to leverage the tools and resources available. Read #8


A New Patient Journey Imperative: COVID-19 and the Acceleration of Digital Health

Amid COVID-19, our Digital Influencers address key imperatives to improve and democratize the patient journey with digital health tools, services and policy. Read #7


HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey

The results of our Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey capture salary, professional status and practice trends while identifying changes that have occurred in the workforce. Read #6


Cybersecurity in Healthcare Guide

This guide digs into how cybersecurity in healthcare—and protecting information—is vital for essential functions within an organization. Read #5


Four Areas of Digital Health That Are Driving the Future of Healthcare

Based on the current trends and shift in consumer demands on healthcare organizations, we identified four areas of digital health that are driving the future of healthcare. Read #4


The Impact on Underserved Communities in Times of Crisis

Our guest writing and HIMSS member shares how the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fragile state of our healthcare system, specifically in underserved communities. Read #3


Blockchain in Healthcare Guide

To help the industry better understand the basics and the potential application of blockchain in healthcare, this guide walks through key elements of the technology. Read #2


Interoperability in Healthcare Guide

Our guide to interoperability explores key insights about interoperability and how data sharing can make a difference in healthcare. Read #1

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Originally published January 10, 2020; updated January 4, 2021