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Our Top 10 Most Read Resources from the Past Year

Plan for the year ahead with our top 10 most read resources from 2019

As we start 2020, we wanted to revisit our top 10 most read resources from the past year, both to reflect back and to guide us in the new year.

Many thanks to our members, contributors and subject matter experts for sharing their insights and helping us achieve our mission to reform the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

Here's to a transformative 2020.



Five Growing Health Information and Technology Jobs

No matter where you are in your career journey, our professional development team outlines five growing health information and technology jobs you should keep at top of mind. Read #10


Informatics Nurses Forge Ahead in Changing World of Healthcare

Two HIMSS members share how informatics nurses are continuing the legacy of energy, vision and activism ignited by nursing icons like Florence Nightingale. Read #9


Cybersecurity Frameworks Explained

Cybersecurity experts explain how cybersecurity frameworks can improve your organization’s defenses, enhance incident detection and minimize impact. Read #8


Two Journeys to the Path of Nursing Informatics

Two nurse informaticists share the journeys that led them to their profession. One had a life-altering experience start her path, while the other’s happened organically; but both have a common thread: the power of education. Read #7


How Will Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Transform Clinical Experiences?

The treatment of chronic conditions… the communication of the patient narrative… these are just some of the ways AI and machine learning holding major transformative potential for improving care. Read #6


Health Information… There’s a Degree for That?!

A HIMSS Approved Education Partner shares information about the many health information degree programs available and the opportunities they offer for career development. Read #5


Patient Health Information: Connecting Electronic Medical Records With External Apps

A member of the HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Committee explains how external app technologies for sharing patient health information are just the beginning, thanks to advancing interoperability standards. Read #4


Big Data in Healthcare: Breaking Through the Noise

Experts in big data share how harnessing the power of AI can amplify the value of big data and pave the way for a more collaborative, human-centered approach to healthcare. Read #3


Social Determinants of Health: Breaking Down the Barriers

Social determinants of health can affect up to 70% of health outcomes; to build a healthier future for all populations, these disparities need to be addressed. Read #2


Social Determinants of Health: Can ZIP Codes Influence Health Outcomes?

Experts share insights into how health systems can help combat social determinants of health by starting conversations on topics like data infrastructure to drive solutions for their community and beyond. Read #1

These pieces help show where we’ve come from and where we still need to go. The new year is a new opportunity to lead the healthcare industry through this era of disruptive change and reimagine health—together.

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