Position Statement

Share the Vision: Transforming Nursing Practice through Technology & Informatics

HIMSS believes: together, nurses and nursing informatics must lead, and be visible, vocal and present at the table to achieve healthcare delivery transformation.

In alignment with ANA and ANI, our 2011 Position Statement identifies recommendations for eliminating barriers and addressing nursing's role in transforming healthcare through the use of IT. This statement was developed by the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee, representing more than 3,800 nurse informaticists, and is supported by HIMSS multidisciplinary stakeholder membership. Our position statement is in response to the IOM Future of Nursing report - which has stimulated accelerated efforts among organizations to collaborate and unite on behalf of nursing and future care delivery in the U.S. It is through the collective wisdom, expertise and strategizing of individuals and groups that the recommendations of the Future of Nursing Report will be achieved.

Source: Nursing Informatics