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Professional Development Keeps the Industry Prepared for What’s Next


Learning is a lifelong journey. That’s why professional development—fed by the constant pursuit of knowledge—should always be considered a career priority. This is a vision championed by JoAnn Klinedinst, MEd, CPHIMS, DES, PMP, FHIMSS, FACHE, vice president, professional development at HIMSS, who believes the continuous cycle of learning is critical for maintaining personal and professional competency.

“Our industry is so dynamic, fast-paced and ever changing that it’s critical that our members and stakeholders continually be apprised of not only existing challenges and opportunities, but also what’s on the horizon,” said Klinedinst. “At HIMSS, we’re dedicated to providing those tools and resources that can help others grow in the industry.”

Klinedinst oversees educational programming for the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition and many other major enterprise events and initiatives. She also leads all professional development related certifications available through HIMSS, including the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS)—a designation she has also earned herself.

As the HIMSS expert on the topic, Klinedinst is always looking for new ways to support the continuing education of HIMSS members and stakeholders. She oversaw the publication of The Handbook of Continuing Professional Development for the Health IT Professional, which features a wide variety of knowledge contributed by HIMSS members and industry professionals. Klinedinst, cited as the editor, convened all of the expertise that made it possible.

“My vision was to create a resource to articulate what I believed was important to industry professionals globally,” said Klinedinst. “Learning is a lifelong responsibility. Networking and engagement are so important as well. And HIMSS, as a trusted source, can certainly help with this.”

Although employees at any level can engage in professional development, not everyone has a voice in implementing organizational change. Employees instill trust in leadership to make the right choices about matters directly impacting their workflows. It is imperative for executives, stakeholders and decision makers to fully understand all influencing factors surrounding the decisions they make.

“Organizations are facing increased pressures around productivity, administrative burden and assuming risk: how can leaders deal with that? Patients and their families depend upon health information and technology professionals to be able to deliver the best tools and resources to deliver better care,” Klinedinst said. “To truly transform care delivery, it’s critical stakeholders maintain their education to ensure that their organizational goals are actionable and driven by focus on the patient.”

So many influential thought leaders in this industry have at least one thing in common: they prioritize their professional development. They keep their education up-to-date by obtaining certifications, joining industry task forces and work groups and engaging in educational programs. It’s how they stay relevant.

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