Proposed Interoperability Standards Measurement Framework

The ONC Interoperability Standards Measurement Framework (the Framework) aims to measure the nation’s status on the implementation and use of interoperability standards to better understand progress toward nationwide interoperability. The Framework will also use these measures to help identify barriers to implementation and use.

ONC identified two main objectives for the Framework:

  1. Understand if specific standards are built into health IT products and available to end users (i.e., the implementation lifecycle).
  2. Understand the use of standards and how they are deployed into production systems to meet specific interoperability needs as well as the level of conformance or customization of standards during implementation.

This Framework has the potential to benefit the health IT industry in three ways:

  1. To inform the evolution of the Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA).
  2. To inform updates to the ONC Health IT Certification Program.
  3. To inform stakeholder decision-making.

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