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Sparrow Health | HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award

Sparrow Health was named a 2018 HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award recipient for leveraging the value of health information and technology to improve outcomes. The three award-winning use cases below cover their implementation of the Michigan Opioid Safety Score (MOSS) tool into the electronic medical record (EMR) to improve the care of patient on opioids, the implementation of a catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) prevention program, and improved compliance strategies for blood product use.

Case Studies

1. MOSS (Michigan Opioid Safety Score)

Sparrow incorporated the Michigan Opioid Safety Score (MOSS) into the electronic health record, which prompts users to assess the patient using the MOSS risk assessment before any opioid administration and periodically thereafter. The MOSS score totals points in categories for risk factors, respiratory rate and sedation levels. Providers and nurses use clinical decision support based on the MOSS score to decide whether to administer opioids. All adult patients undergo risk assessment for opioid-induced respiratory depression on admission, and those receiving opioids are reassessed at least once per shift.

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2. Resilience in Workflow and IT Redesign to Decrease CAUTIs

At the time of EMR implementation, Sparrow had no formal program in place to address CAUTIs within the organization. To address this, they implemented a CAUTI prevention program. When rates didn’t improve, they worked with a resilient clinical team using a Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program model approach to reevaluate the process, people and technology needed to revamp this clinical program for success. As a result, Sparrow’s year-over-year CAUTI rates continue to decrease, along with morbidities and cost, while quality and safety continuously improve.

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3. Appropriate Use of Blood Products

By using IT-enabled strategies to improve compliance with evidence-based guidelines for blood product use and focusing on red blood cell (RBC) and platelet transfusions, Sparrow has been able to significantly reduce overutilization of RBCs and platelets, leading to improvements in safety and cost-efficiency. Sparrow was able to do this by implementing a workflow-integrated, evidence-based order set, with the removal of all other blood product ordering options.

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