Sunjoy Mathieu - Member Profile

Sunjoy is an experienced strategist, entrepreneur, innovation and tech enthusiast with an analytical mindset. She has a proven track record of creating and growing communities, building business and launching new ventures. With a background in medical humanities and economics, she brings a holistic and interdisciplinary mindset to project management, communications and business development in healthcare.

What got you interested in a career in healthcare and in particular, health information and technology?

My mother was a nurse, so healthcare and its universal relevance were always a topic at home. When finishing university with a master’s degree, specialized in the history of medicine (political sciences as a minor subject and business and economics before that), I knew that I definitely wanted to work in this industry. I started out working in health insurance for a large hospital, where I became familiar with digital health. That opened up a whole new universe for me and was the starting point of being an entrepreneur and supporting digital health startups.

What have been your top three motivating factors from the start of your career to now? Have they changed? If so, how?

  1. Knowing that I can take life into my own hands
  2. If it’s not available, I will create it (as we did with “Women in Digital Health”)
  3. If there’s a lack of knowledge, I can overcome it, with all the sources available today

How do you stay motivated? How do you motivate others?

What helps me is to focus on the goal but also to enjoy the various steps towards reaching it. To realize every day how privileged I am to pursue what I’m passionate about.

I motivate others by showing them the various possibilities they have, empowering them to take life in their own hands and show them how their behavior and decisions have an immediate effect, also on their career.

What stepping-stones have led to where you are and what advice do you have for others looking to follow a similar path?

The stepping-stones that have led me to where I am today were my interest, my network ad also a bit of luck I guess. My advice, valid for different paths:

  • Find a goal, focus on that. Design a step-by-step plan on how to reach it. And then start, immediately.
  • Pamper yourself after every accomplishment.
  • Remember that if it doesn’t open after several tries, it just might not be your door to enter.

Who was your first mentor, and what is the best advice they gave to you?

My first mentor in terms of digital health was a former boss. By letting me earn my own accomplishments, he taught me to believe in myself and my capabilities which was a great sense of empowerment.

What do you do in your free time? Or, how do you relax?

Running, hiking, traveling

What is your dream job?

Being a successful entrepreneur, to do what I love.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate

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