TIGER's Global Informatics Definitions

In the fall of 2015, the TIGER Initiative began compiling interprofessional informatics definitions.  The purpose of creating this document was to collaboratively define and document core health informatics terminology to provide context to the global TIGER interprofessional, interdisciplinary community for consideration when referencing terms on main TIGER resources, in official documents, and within the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  Our intention is for this resource to serve as a helpful tool for those learning about informatics and informatics competencies. The fourth version of the document was published in July 2020 with a refined global focus, informatics timeline, revised statement of purpose, justification for updating the terms and reimagined infographics.

As the field of informatics and competencies grow and change, so will the terms defined within this resource. With this in mind, an update will be provided to this document annually. Do you have a term, not currently listed, to share?  Email TIGER with your feedback and proposed inclusions.