TIGER Marketing Toolkit

Utilize these marketing tools to promote TIGER's global workforce development resources:

TIGER VLE Elevator Pitch

Don’t waste precious time in your already busy schedule sifting through terabytes of eHealth/health IT information and resources. Log in to the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): an interactive, online learning platform for academic professionals, students, clincal educators and adult learners—like you. The TIGER VLE brings you easy-to-use resources that expand knowledge and skillset in a self-paced format.

TIGER Promotional Flyers

General Flyer

TIGER Promotional Slides

TIGER General Promotional Slide

TIGER VLE Promotional Slides

TIGER Logos & Banners


TIGER Banner


TIGER Templates

TIGER Stationary Template

TIGER PowerPoint Template

If you have any questions or would like assistance with spreading the news about TIGER, please email us at tiger@himss.org.