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Unlocking Large Language Models in Healthcare: Understanding their prowess, identify prospects and the prudence needed in their use

Generative AI, specifically large language models, are top of mind for healthcare professionals and administrators everywhere. The information in this area is rapidly evolving and can be challenging to consume and stay current on. It has a key part to play in the future of healthcare and technology integration. The HIMSS Physician Committee has pulled in some industry and academic leaders to provide context and prognostications on essential aspects of Generative AI and LLM’s, which are important for healthcare professionals to actively learn about.

Large language models in healthcare have the potential to bootstrap productivity by improving and enhancing clinical decision support, analyzing unstructured and imaging data, creating documentation, summarizing research data and insights, improving patient support and education, and many other business operations. However, setting some structures and frameworks for evaluating the use cases and their success/failure and outcomes to ensure responsible use in healthcare is essential.

Clearly communicating when LLMs are being used; technological measures to protect patient data; bias mitigation; and measuring outcomes to ensure a continuous improvement mindset are just a few areas to keep in mind. In addition, having a solid risk mitigation plan is also critical at healthcare organizations: implementing strong data governance practices; error monitoring and correction; real-time security and privacy maintenance; as well as regulatory compliance needs to be evaluated. Learn about these areas and hear some use cases to guide you and your organization on a path forward with the use of such technologies.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a better understanding, from industry leaders, on the technical evolution of generative AI, and what is it setting the foundation for?
  • Acquire a better understanding of the benefits and opportunities that Generative AI, specifically large language models, have relating to healthcare.
  • Receive information on how you, teams, and organizations as a whole, can prepare from a technical, governance and risk management perspective.


  • John Glaser, Ph.D., Executive in Residence, Harvard Medical School
  • Aashima Gupta, Global Director, Global Healthcare Solutions, Google Cloud at Google
  • Jessica Lamb, Partner, McKinsey & Company

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