Victoria Tiase, MSN, RN - Member Profile

Vicky is the Director of Research Science at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. She has over 13 years of experience of giving clinical input to technology projects in all areas, especially regarding the implementation of the NYP electronic medical record. Vicky is responsible for supporting a range of clinical information technology projects related to patient engagement, alarm management and care coordination. She was the nursing lead for the design, implementation and rollout of an institution-developed personal health record (PHR), She is passionate about finding data-driven, information technology solutions for increased patient and provider engagement in healthcare and leads research efforts to ensure the capture and presentation of data for the use and benefit of clinicians. Vicky serves on the steering committee for the Alliance for Nursing Informatics and recently completed a fellowship in the ANI Emerging Leaders Program assessing nurse readiness to use health IT tools for patient engagement. She completed her Masters in Nursing Informatics at Columbia University and is currently pursuing a PhD from the University of Utah with a focus on the integration of patient generated health data into clinical workflows.

As a lifelong athlete with an appreciation for a healthy mind and body, I knew that healthcare was for me at a young age. It was during my lifeguarding days in high school that I developed a specific passion for nursing. My interest in Health IT originated while working as a nursing instructor in the hospital. I quickly realized the tremendous difficulty in getting nurses off the floors and into classrooms to deliver education content. Coincidentally, the hospital began deployment of PCs to the floors, meaning all nurses now had access to a computer for the first time. A lightbulb went off and I soon began delivering floppy disks containing videos, policies and learning assessment tools to the nurses for viewing during breaks and downtimes. This was a very clear moment for me in which I realized the power of Health IT. I got involved with our electronic medical record deployment, instructed nurses on how to use new technologies and devices, and embarked on my nursing informatics adventure.

My motivators have always been connected to keeping others healthy and that if I could support all patients in living their best life, then I had succeeded. Although not a huge change, my focus has slightly shifted to ensure that my fellow nurses are supported and cared for. I’m motivated by the thought of leaving the nursing profession in a better place than when I found it – innovating for the future and mentoring the next generation of nurse informaticians.

It’s easy to stay motivated with all of technological advances taking place. There is so much exciting work to do. If one area isn’t working for you, there is certainly another path worth pursuing.

I believe that following your passions and being open to new things, along with a bit of being in the right place at the right time, has led me to where I am today. Be true to yourself, seek advice from others whenever possible and as you move onward and upward, take someone else with you.

I’m honored to be a committee member of the National Academy of Medicine Future of Nursing Report 2020-2030. We’ll be charting a path forward for the nursing profession. I’m excited to bring my technology expertise to the discussions!

Who you know is just as important as what you know…it takes a village to do great work, so collaborate and network with your communities whenever possible.

Might not sounds like relaxing, but I love all sports – especially anything related to triathlon: swimming, biking and running.

This changes regularly but at the moment it’s Jeopardy – trying to get ready for the next online test!

A professional student or maybe a librarian… I love to learn new things, especially new languages.

By networking and learning from others, HIMSS has helped to me to see the unique attributes that I bring to the world of Health IT and how to harness them for greater good.