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What’s Next for Health: Solving Challenges in Healthcare by Bringing Innovation to the Forefront

Health IT professionals addressing challenges in healthcare with technology

Technological innovation is fundamentally changing everything about the way healthcare is administered and delivered. As one of the largest and most experienced global healthcare associations, at HIMSS we believe it is our responsibility to lead the industry during this critical period of change and growth. After a half-century of supporting the vital work that is driving healthcare innovation, we are keenly aware of our profound responsibility to lead a vast and ever-growing army of 80,000+ members toward what’s next for health.

HIMSS Chief Americas Officer Denise Hines highlights the challenges in healthcare today and how HIMSS is evolving to ensure members and industry leaders around the world are set up for success.

How is HIMSS’s membership being affected by the dramatic changes taking place today in healthcare?

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be working in healthcare. The industry is undergoing significant transformation that is driven by a number of factors: rising costs, an aging population, emerging technologies, regulatory change, evolving care models, and more informed and demanding patient consumers.

Healthcare leaders everywhere are responding to these changes by asking questions such as, “What is my organization’s role in the new health economy?” “How can I position my organization more competitively under new reimbursement models?” “Am I getting the maximum value from my technology investments?” The list goes on.

The demands of today’s market are requiring members to be the leading authorities on digital health and the successful integration of information and technology. That’s what we’re focused on at HIMSS: Equipping our members around the world with the resources and tools they need to drive positive transformation for the industry.

How can HIMSS best help meet the needs of its members during this critical time?

Our mandate has never been broader or more urgent, and the level of support we provide to the industry continues to grow.

On the policy front, HIMSS plays a major role in helping members better understand complex policies and how they will be impacted, as well as giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and participate in policymaking process.

Another significant area of focus is around helping members identify, adopt and integrate new technologies to address issues such as workflow efficiency, clinician burnout, patient access and other challenges in healthcare that can be addressed with smart application of the right technology.

We’re helping members tackle these issues by providing the mechanisms and opportunities to get together and learn from each other. Through our year-round calendar of events and committee opportunities, we’re convening the industry’s brightest thought leaders and subject matter experts so that members can ask questions and provide feedback on critical issues.

We’re highlighting innovation in our industry and helping our members understand what’s coming next in health, so that they can both guide their organizations accordingly as well as access the professional education, certifications and credentials that they need to advance in their careers.

What changes is HIMSS making in order to lead this movement?

HIMSS recognizes the importance of this moment for the industry, and the need to be transformational. That’s why we’ve recently updated our vision and mission to focus on health equity globally, given that the challenges facing the industry aren’t limited to just the U.S. or any one particular region.

We’re evolving to be more industry-centric and reimagining how we use our global influence and membership to address common challenges in healthcare. This means we’re going to be updating our offerings in order to create a more personalized experience for our members as we continue to grow. We’re committed to listening to our members, anticipating their needs and responding quickly, so that they’re prepared not just to navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare system—but armed with the resources they need to lead healthcare to a brighter tomorrow.

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