Why should you be a HIMSS member?

Join your peers

HIMSS members encompass a broad range of professional roles from CIOs, clinicians, and financial experts to consultants, project managers, and systems analysts. Build the peer networks necessary to achieve your goals.

Be a leader

As a member and volunteer you have the opportunity to help create content including educational resources and influential policy positions all while earning leadership experience.

Access content

Each year HIMSS volunteers and staff publish hundreds of content pieces including educational events, thought leadership pieces, public policy positions, on-demand topical webinars and publications.

Save money!

Members receive complimentary access to hundreds of valuable resources and save an average of 20% on publications and educational events.

Stay informed

Access various eNewsletters, blogs, podcasts, and industry insights for the latest news and trends.


HIMSS offers a variety of educational opportunities including on-demand courses through the eLearning Academy, live broadcast webinars, and in-person events.

Online Education

  • HIMSS Learning Center: Over 1,000 courses and sessions available.
  • Virtual Events: Year-round interactive education on hot industry topics.
  • Health IT Value Suite: Provides structure and vocabulary to help your enterprise organize its Value Strategy.
  • Partner Programs: Earn a certificate from one of HIMSS partner universities.

On-site Education

  • HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition: Connect with over 40,000 of your peers, educators, policy shapers, and innovators.
  • Summits and Forums: Learn and share with leaders from across the ecosystem.
  • Chapter events: Engage with local leaders on topics effecting your area.


CAHIMS: Is an entry-level certification that establishes a solid foundation to strengthen abilities, acquire more experience and advance a career path.

CPHIMS: Distinguish yourself and expand your career opportunities by validating your knowledge, competency and credibility.

Publications & Industry News

HIMSS publishes a variety of publications to help you stay on top of the latest industry news, trends and developments.

Public Policy

HIMSS believes that lives can be saved, outcomes of care improved, and costs reduced by transforming the healthcare system through the appropriate use of information technology (IT) and management systems.

Resource Library

Our industry leaders are developing the resources you need to make sound strategic decisions.