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Women in Technology: Celebrating Strides in the Industry

Women in technology changing the industry

For women in technology and in healthcare, there is a glass ceiling that HIMSS is uniquely positioned to help break through, said Denise Hines, chief Americas officer at HIMSS.

“In some cases, women aren’t sure how to break through the glass ceiling,” Hines said. In her work with HIMSS as a long-time member and previous board chair and member, Hines has advocated for the HIMSS Women in Health IT Community. In her recent HIMSS TV interview, she touches upon important topics facing women in the industry—everything from hiring strategies, compensation transparency and advice for female startup entrepreneurs entering the space.

“Understand what your risks are and your fears are: Why are you fearful? List those fears, tackle them and face them. Figure out how to get around them,” Hines said. “Sometimes, fear can help drive you. Fear of failure helps drive many successful people.”

Watch Hines talk with HIMSS TV about how women in health IT can empower themselves.

Diversifying the Healthcare Workforce

Iris Frye, MS, MBA, PMP, CPHIMS, chair of the HIMSS African-American Special Interest Group and Danielle Siarri, MSN, RN, a member of the HIMSS African-American Special Interest Group, joined HIMSS TV to discuss the power of women of color coming together to diversify and change the workforce by adding their voices to boardrooms and beyond.

“HIMSS African American Special Interest Group is about a collaboration between the organizations that come to HIMSS [Global Health Conference & Exhibition] and the African Americans that attend HIMSS,” said Frye. “We want to build upon a foundation and have everyone come together and learn what the African American personnel do and what the organizations do so we can go further in the future.”

“Often businesses fail when they only have a singular point of view,” said Siarri. “But when you have multiple points of view that can see a different angle ... to say, ‘I don’t think we should do it like this. Maybe we have a better way.’ There’s a broader perspective of what’s going on.”

“It’s time to break down the barriers," Frye stated. “And all are welcome to join.”

Watch Frye and Siarri discuss the power of coming together to effect change with HIMSS TV.

Women in Technology Promoting Global Innovation

Aashima Gupta, a recipient of the Most Influential Women in Health IT Award, is promoting global innovation on the frontier of technology innovations as a HIMSS member and in her work as the global head of healthcare solutions at Google Cloud.

Since becoming a HIMSS member in 2010, she has contributed her expertise for various enterprise speaking engagements, including the HIMSS Global Health Conference. Additionally, Gupta helped spearhead the creation of the Developer Innovation Lab with HIMSS Innovation fellows by creating immersive content emphasizing best practices and practical examples of applying technology in healthcare settings.

A champion for diversity and empowering women in technology, Gupta also formed GirlsInTek, an initiative dedicated to igniting the talents of young women interested in computer science. Her commitment to leading productive discussions focused on strategies and solutions resonates with all ages and genders, and encapsulates the spirit of digital transformation celebrated by HIMSS.

Watch Gupta share with HIMSS TV how technology enabling infrastructure and standards can give organizations more of the time they need to ensure innovations are ready for implementation.

Women in Health IT

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Originally published March 8, 2019