These Request for Proposal (RFP) sample documents are
provided as tools for use by a healthcare organization and
other healthcare providers in developing its own RFP. They provide a structured approach for the various criteria that may be relevant to the organization’s own RFP process, including general information and experience; technical information regarding architecture; applications; and services. The documents provide sample requirements and narrative
questions relevant to the section. In addition, there are
sample methodologies for evaluating vendor responses received.

These documents are designed to be a starting point for your RFP; the questions and requirements are meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive. Some items may apply to an organization’s particular situation and others may not. It is expected that each organization will make changes specific to its procurement, including changing, adding or deleting items to tailor the RFP for its specific use. It is recommended that any organization using these documents ensure they involve experts in the functional areas to ensure that detailed business requirements are gathered.

To create your RFP, we suggest using all of the documents from Section I and selecting documents from Section II as appropriate to your organization’s need. Section III includes score sheets to be tailored for use during the vendor selection process.

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