A ROADMAP TO EFFECTIVE DATA GOVERNANCE: How to Navigate Five Common Obstacles

A HIMSS C&BI Committee paper examining five obstacles encountered by healthcare organizations when implementing data governance and
recommended approaches to achieve the desired results.

Read an Excerpt: 

The healthcare industry is dramatically shifting its use of information technology in care delivery, research and administrative functions. As a result of these
shifts, the IT environment in many healthcare organizations is evolving into a complex patchwork of applications, technologies, processes, and data types,
which must quickly align to solve distinct problems, whether at the point of care, within a research study, or to resolve a specific business issue. In today's
environment, healthcare organizations cannot perform effectively as an integrated delivery system without a disciplined approach to managing data as an
enterprise asset. This HIMSS C&BI Committee resource describes the issue, examines the impact, and offers solutions to five obstacles often encountered
when implementing data governance:

  • Organization Culture
  • Lack of an Enterprise Systems View
  • Choosing Where to Start
  • Resourcing Issues
  • Unclear Measures of Success


Clinical & Business Intelligence, Data Governance, big data