Santa Rosa Consulting - 5 Key Dimensions of a Successful Transformation to a Value-based Care Program

Value-based care (VBC), and the pursuit of the Triple Aim, is inevitably advancing within all corners of U.S. healthcare. While each organization’s preparations and approach are their own - ranging from establishing risk bearing organizations to creating accountable delivery structures within the enterprise - the reality is that migration from volume to value requires nothing less than a profound DNA shift for both providers and payors.

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Five Key Dimensions of Value-based Care Transformation - The transformation to VBC can be overwhelming. After all, DNA shifts usually evolve over millennia, not a few years. Still, many organizations avoid VBC planning paralysis by focusing initially on the key dimensions. Experience shows that if strategic broad strokes are known and well managed, the underlying details can be worked out over time.  While multiple labels and planning approaches are in development, the successful organizations take aim at five key dimensions of VBC transformation:

• Patient & Stakeholder Engagement
• Community of Care Collaboration
• Management & Leadership
• Financial & Population Health Management
• EHR Interoperability & Integrated Health Record

These key dimensions are the basis for a VBC readiness assessment and tailored roadmap that are essential to successful transformation.

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