Addressing Clinicians' Burnout: Creating a Workforce Centric Approach to Digitisation

The topic of clinician burnout continues to be a concern across health care systems; the associated impact not just on clinician health, but also on patients and health system productivity are significant and far reaching, and the recent global public health crisis has only exacerbated an already stressed workforce. An estimated 22% and 27% of physicians in the USA and the UK
respectively are estimated to suffer from burnout, with most European countries
at similar rates. This session will address the major contributing factors leading to burnout and discuss how clinicians should be involved in technology choices and deployments to make sure innovations support their focus on care giving instead of adding a layer of administrative complexity to their workflow. A panel of global healthcare and technology leaders will propose evidence based governance and initiatives to address this ticking time bomb amongst our workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the reasons for increasing issues around clinician burnout and the contributing factors to workplace stress.
  • Examine solutions to address clinician burnout and among those that have been implemented, what were the major challenges?

Attending this session will earn you Continuing Educational Credits for CAHIMS and CPHIMS as well as accreditation by the ICN and CPD. To apply for accreditation, please click here.


Session Details

September 8, 2020
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM


Helen Gyves
Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
University Hospitals Birmingham
Felix Balzer
Chief Medical Information Officer
Fredrik Jonsson
CMIO, Head of roll-out
Region Skåne
Simon Wallace
Nuance Communications