Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare

December 1 - 2, 2020
| Digital Summit

Bringing Machine Learning to the Bedside: Clinical Decision Support

At University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, medical informaticists working with Health System Information Resources (HSIR) have focused on creating and implementing stable understandable MLAI models of clinical risk identification and operational improvement. Mujeeb Basit, assistant professor of Internal Medicine Division of Cardiology, UT Southwestern, will describe the five-step process used at UT Southwestern to bring MLAI models to production and eventually the clinical workflow.

Early experience with this process has shown success in creating ML-based CDS tools. These tools still require hard work in building good CDS and additional complexity around asynchronous alerting. The interaction between clinicians and more intelligent EHRs shows promise in creating better healthcare systems of care.

Session Details

December 1, 2020
12:25 PM - 12:50 PM


Mujeeb Basit
Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Associate Director of the Clinical Informatics Cente
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Jonah Comstock
Editor-in-Chief and Director, Content Development