September 7 - 11, 2020
| Digital
General Session

From Data to Action: Population Health Management

Major advances in population health management (PHM) are revolutionising the planning and delivery of healthcare globally. Key to successful PHM is the recognition of the vital role social determinants of health play in identifying and understanding the health needs of at-risk population groups and designing and targeting effective interventions.
During this session, regional PHM experts will explore multiple factors behind the significant improvements in PHM that we are seeing globally. These include the combination of better access to patient records, greater interoperability, improved data analytics and the use of data from a wider range of sources, allowing for the inclusion of social and environmental data. Ultimately, this is leading to significantly better patient care, greater efficiencies, better prevention strategies and reduced unwarranted variation of outcomes.
The importance of effective PHM has never been clearer than during the first phase of the pandemic, when, for example, it was necessary to identify cohorts of vulnerable patients for shielding in the UK. Going forward, an effective population health response to subsequent waves of coronavirus will be essential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how various data sources can be utilised and integrated towards efficient population health management initiatives.
  • Discover how improved interoperability and data analytics can faciliate population health management.
  • Recognise the relationship between population health initiatives and improved patient and financial outcomes.

Attending this session will earn you Continuing Educational Credits for CAHIMS and CPHIMS as well as accreditation by the ICN and CPD. To apply for accreditation, please click here.

Session Details

September 8, 2020
16:00 - 16:45


Anna Odone
President, Digital Health Section
European Public Health Association (EUPHA)
Manuel Bosch Arcos
Chief Information and Innovation Officer
Ribera Salud
Jari Renko
Chief Technology Officer
Mahmood Adil
Medical Director
Public Health Scotland