November 29 - December 2, 2020
| Digital

Extending Health and Care beyond Hospital Walls: Real-World Case Studies and Best-Practices

Digital transformation is central to the strategic drive by many nations to shift care out of hospital into more cost-effective community-based settings. A battery of game-changing technologies are being deployed to support this move, including telemedicine, virtual platforms, patient-facing apps and portals, electronic medical records and more. With hospitals out-of-bounds for many non-Covid patients, widespread roll out of online consultations and virtual clinics has made it far easier and more acceptable for patients to be cared for remotely. Sharing inspiring examples of digital transformation from the UK and the Middle East, this session will showcase how technology is enabling the delivery of care across organisational boundaries, supporting multidisciplinary team collaborations and encouraging patients to self-care. Join this session also to learn about pharmacy-driven solutions to improve medication adherence and other exciting innovations that are shaping radical new service models fit for the 21st Century.

Learning objectives:

  1. Examine how technology is enabling a shift to patient-centric models of primary and community care

  2. Identify the major challenges to implementing efficient community-based care and discuss best practices to overcome these challenges

  3. Learn from international use cases of high impact digital transformation of primary and community care from the UK and the Middle East

Session Details

December 2, 2020
13:05 - 13:45


  • CPD


Fatemah Alghadheeb
Chief of Transformation
Almoosa Specialist Hospital
Talac Mahmud
General Practitioner
HIYOS (Healthy In Your Own Skin) Practice
Abdulmohsin Margalani
Pharmaceutical Care Division