September 7 - 11, 2020
| Digital

Good Morning from Finland

Covid-19 drove a boom in digital health - True stories from a small health tech giant

HIMSS goes digital in Helsinki – so does healthcare.

Join us for the live web TV show from Helsinki, Finland, opening the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event. In this event, you’ll hear the vision of HIMSS and how the massive event was transformed digital, with the help of Finnish partners.

We’ll also meet companies and inspiring experts from one of the most innovative economies in the world, Finland. How has covid-19 changed the health tech business landscape? How can companies not only survive but adjust to disruption and grow? We’ll hear true stories from our professionals reflecting the past, present and future of the industry.

The session is co-organized by Health Capital Helsinki and the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. More information can be found here.

Attending this session will earn you Continuing Educational Credits for CAHIMS and CPHIMS. To apply for accreditation, please click here.


Session Details

September 7, 2020
08:30 - 09:30


Asta Raami
Independent Researcher, Lecturer and Writer
Innerversity Oy
Pekka Rissanen
Deep Sensing Algorithms Ltd
Managing Director
Lasse Rousi
Medixine Ltd
Leena Niemistö
Vice-Chair and Board Member
Erno Muuranto
Managing Director
GE Healthcare Finland
Nelli Såger
Pia Heikkurinen
Theme-Specialist, Capacity for Renewal
Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund
Bruce Steinberg
EVP, Managing Director
HIMSS International