January 14, 2021
| Digital Series
Accelerate Health

HIMSS + ANA Nursing Innovation Series: Keynote - Innovation at the Bedside: Seizing the Future

Since the implementation of the electronic health record, healthcare has become increasingly focused on various forms of data collection and aggregation. While critical, this goal often stands in opposition to maintaining a focus on the most important goal - ensuring that there is opportunity for the unquantifiable human connection to be forged between a patient and a care provider to ensure an optimal outcome.

In this Keynote, Inspiren Co-Founder and President Dr. Paul Coyne, will share his personal journey from patient, to provider, to CNIO, to inventor and entrepreneur. He will describe the journey of how he and a group of nurses independently partnered with engineers from around the world to create Augi - a hybrid sensing bedside smart device that has received numerous awards for design and application including the inaugural ANA Innovation Award in 2019.

As Dr. Coyne will discuss, there is a world on the horizon where technology does not oppose, but augments us, in our efforts to achieve an optimal state - where the provider is not torn between charting and caring, and the patient is able to both recover while being simultaneously restored. However, if we truly want this world to exist, we must create it.

Session Details

January 14, 2021
12:02 PM - 12:15 PM


Paul Coyne
Assistant Vice President, Clinical Practice & Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
Hospital for Special Surgery