March 18, 2021
| Digital Series
Accelerate Health

Keynote: Building Trust for Pharma and Provider Partnerships

As the speed of healthcare accelerates faster than ever, we've seen a lot of new partnerships emerge between stakeholders, including many between pharmaceutical companies and provider organizations. These partnerships are a marriage of newer patient-generated data and traditional clinical trial data and provide enormous possibilities. In the transition to value-based care, collaboration provides great opportunities for both sides, as well as patients. They allow pharma to demonstrate the effectiveness of their therapies, while giving providers the benefit of optimizing treatment for better outcomes, helping them achieve their value-based goals. However, they do not come without challenges.

Hear from AbbVie’s global head of health economics and outcomes research, Christopher Boone, as he shares how these partnerships continue to be created and sustained, the hurdles that must be overcome, and how building trust between the two entities is been key.

Session Details

March 18, 2021
11:02 AM - 11:15 AM


Christopher Boone
Vice President, Global Head of Health Economics and Outcomes Research