January 14, 2021
| Digital Series
Accelerate Health

Keynote: No More Business as Usual

After an exhausting battle with COVID-19 for nearly a year, many in healthcare understandably feel a natural desire to get back to how things were. But there is a better approach for patients, employees, and communities. Many aspects of how U.S. health care has historically operated, including some elements of the fee-for-service business model, were the very things that left it vulnerable to the crippling impact of Covid-19.

In this opening keynote, Geisinger Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Karen Murphy explains why we should not return to business as usual.. We need to instead focus on creating a new normal. Building this new reality requires accelerating the positive transformations we have already made, undertaking some fundamentally new ones, and determining which of the activities we have stopped that we should not resume.

As Dr. Murphy will discuss, now is the time to boldly transform our health care systems in ways we have previously been unable to. We should use this unprecedented opportunity to fix what hasn’t worked and direct our full attention to new and greater goals centered on creating value for patients.

Session Details

January 14, 2021
11:02 AM - 11:10 AM


Karen Murphy
EVP, Chief Innovation Officer and Founding Director, Steele Institute for Health Innovation