January 14, 2021
| Digital Series
Accelerate Health

Minimizing the Pain of Creative Destruction - Is it Possible?

Experts have shouted the promises of digital health for years. From the early days of EMRs to a rapid digital pivot during COVID-19, we’ve heard that the digital era would usher in higher quality care that is more efficient and cheaper. Until recently, we saw a measured roll-out of digital technologies that gave time for stakeholders to adjust to the speed of innovation, but the rapid adoption of digital health in 2020 has given many an abrupt wake-up call.

With fewer in-person patients, many private practices have struggled to make ends meet, and it is estimated that COVID-19 has cost primary care practices $15 billion in 2020 alone. So while many benefit from innovation and an increasingly digital health system, how can we ensure that others are not left behind? Is that even possible? In this session, two digital strategy experts address the fall-out from rapid innovation and share insights to help organizations minimize that pain and prepare for the changes ahead.

Session Details

January 14, 2021
12:20 PM - 12:50 PM


Naomi Fried
Chief Executive Officer
Health Innovation Strategies
Sara Vaezy
Chief Digital Strategy Officer
Providence St. Joseph Health
Emily Kagan-Trenchard
Vice President, Digital Innovation & Strategy
Northwell Health