September 7 - 11, 2020
| Digital

Nordic Health 2030: Secondary Use of Data

With the widespread digitalisation of industries and societies, it is healthcare’s turn to lead the data revolution – and this requires a two-prong approach. On the one hand, healthcare providers must ensure data is effectively and safely processed and accessed for steering, monitoring, research and development. On the other, citizens are being encouraged to actively engage with and share data. How can the healthcare system adjust from being the de facto controller of data to becoming a custodian? How can value be mined from a larger and richer pool of health data, with companies eager to get access to it? There is great potential for commercial and societal benefits when data generated during health and social services is used for other purposes. This is not just a policy matter, but it challenges the thesis that research is separated from development and innovation. What can and should be done to create a unifying framework instead of perpetuating silos?

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Session Details

September 9, 2020
10:00 - 10:45


Minna-Maarit Ampio
Welfare Analyst & Clinical Research Nurse
Satakunta Hospital District
Sara Riggare
Patient Researcher and PhD Student
Uppsala University and Radboudumc
Erik Jylling
Director, Health Politics
Danish Regions
Herko Coomans
International Digital Health Coordinator
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of The Netherlands