November 29 - December 2, 2020
| Digital

Time for Digital Public Health

The rapid sharing of epidemiological data, combined with the use of innovative technologies and increased use of digital tools point to significant transformation in the public health management of global infectious disease outbreaks. Combining access to patient, social and environmental data; improved interoperability; and powerful data analytics capabilities means we now have the means to efficiently identify and manage the spread of cross border disease. This session highlights the role of digital health, new technologies and the use of data in the control of global pandemics, with a focus on how these new methods of managing patients and populations have been leveraged, with expert speakers from the UK and Saudi Arabia sharing their opinions on the future of digital public health post Covid-19.

Session Details

December 2, 2020
14:45 - 15:15


  • CPD


Abdullah Algwizani
Saudi Arabia Centers for Disease Control
Chief Executive Officer
Duncan Selbie
Global and Public Health Adviser
International Association of National Public Health Institutes
Charles Alessi
Chief Clinical Officer